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"Kill the mind, free the mind, build the mind" #Kayn
"I'm now one, i'm the one" #Kayn
"Life has no meaning, but your death Shall"#Jhin
"Captain teemo on duty" #Teeemo
"Call me Demon, call me King, the water forgets the name of the drawned" #Tahm Kench"
"I am Kled! High Major Commodore of the First Legion Third Multiplication Double Admiral Artillery Vanguard Company! You will respect my authority!" #Kled
  "Even if I lose, I win! Just means I get to come back and kill you later!" #Kled
"You know, I like you, brother. As much as I can like a lily-livered jungle-sniffer." #Kled

Aller, salut

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"I'm now one, i'm THE ONE"
~~Maverick Bass, Grim Pack MC East-Side chapter, Support WolfPack MC forever~~

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